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About Peter Martin

It has been my passion guiding hunters to trophy whitetails in Buffalo County for over 10 years and harvesting multiple trophy bucks for our clients, friends, and hunt club. I am the Owner/Guide for Buffalo County Bucks Inc, and have been scouting and managing land for the best possible chance at a buck on over 2,000 acres. This includes scouting and managing land, multiple stand locations, managing food plots, water holes and farms in all locations within Buffalo County to increase your chance at a Buffalo County buck.

I started chasing the North America Slam and hunted several animals including Kodiak brown bear, grizzly, black bear, moose, elk, mountain lion, sheep, red stag, etc and of course the elusive mature whitetail buck which I find the most challenging. I grew up In Minneapolis MN and have enjoyed the outdoors and started hunting with my dad since I was a kid. I am married with 2 children and went to college in MN and CA and received a degree in Business Administration and Anesthesia. I have owned multiple business's and have negotiated multiple contracts. I would like to help you with your dream property or help you sell your land with the latest marketing techniques. Please let my experience help you find your next property.